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Cavs Turn Down Knicks’ Melo for Love Trade Inquiry

The Cavs show no interest in LeBron’s BFF.

Melo Addresses Rumors of Cavs Trade: “I’m not going anywhere.”

“There’s always some trade shit going..” – Melo

[Video] Watch Kristaps Porzingis’ Putback Slams

Six games into his NBA career, Kristaps Porzingis has already delivered some highlight-reel putback slams…

[Video] Another One: Porzingis Slams a Putback Over Kevin Love

Five games into the season, our rookie Kristaps Porzingis might have already found a signature move.

[Video] Knicks Destroy Cavs 117-86

Melo, Hardaway Jr. and JR Smith lead Knicks blowout over Cavs…

[Video] Kyrie Irving Goes for 37, Knicks Lose 109-94

How were the Knicks going to respond to that disgraceful 40-point thrashing at home to the Boston Celtics?

With another double-digit loss, of course…

Knicks Sweep Cavs Season Series, Move Within One Game of #2 Seed Lock

Melo and JR combine for 62 points…

Rest Easy, Melo — Knicks Come from 22 Down to Stun Cavs

Melo goes down with right knee injury and Knicks regroup from 22 down…

NY Spoils Kyrie Irving’s Career Night With 103-102 Win

Kyrie Irving lights up the Garden, but the Knicks remains undefeated at home.