Cavs Turn Down Knicks’ Melo for Love Trade Inquiry


The Knicks’ first trade inquiry for Carmelo Anthony did not gain traction as the Cleveland expressed no interest in a proposed swap for Kevin Love.

According to ESPN, the Knicks contacted Cleveland’s front office earlier today to gauge interest. The plan was if the Cavs were receptive, the Knicks could approach Anthony about waiving his no-trade clause for the opportunity to play for a contender.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, this idea comes about two years too late. Anthony, while still a formidable player and borderline all-star, is a 32-year-old whose explosiveness and lift have been permanently damaged from season-ending knee surgery in 2014. Although Love has struggled recently, he’s still in his athletic┬áprime at 28 with no significant injury history.

Rumors of a potential Melo trade heated up earlier this week when the Cavs lost in embarrassing fashion to an Anthony Davis-less Pelicans, prompting LeBron James to tell the media the team’s personnel was lacking and they needed “a fucking playmaker.”

Next on the Knicks’ list will probably be the Clippers (Blake for Melo) and the Celtics (Melo for a pick). The Clippers will probably give the same answer as Griffin also has youth on his side. As for Boston, I can’t see them parting with a 1st round pick since a Melo acquisition wouldn’t be enough to put them over the Cavs or possibly even the Raptors in a playoff battle.

Love him or hate ’em, Carmelo is very likely to at least finish out the year in New York.

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Ismael AbduSalaam

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