Leon Rose Officially Named Knicks President

Leon Rose

Former agent Leon Rose has officially taken over duties as president of the New York Knicks.

The news was confirmed this morning by Knicks owner and Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan.

Rose, who will be overseeing all basketball operations and personnel decisions for the team, is leaving his role of co-head with CAA Sports where he managed such stars as Joel Embiid, Carmelo Anthony and Devin Booker.

“New York is the epicenter of basketball and Madison Square Garden has always been very special to me, ” said Rose. “To be a part of the Knicks revitalization and basketball at The Garden is a challenge and rare opportunity, one to be cherished, and I will do my utmost to make the fans, the City and ownership proud. I want to thank Jim Dolan for this opportunity.”

A New Jersey native, Rose became one of the NBA’s most well-known agents over his 25-year career. He also has five years of basketball coaching experience at the high school and college level.


So¬† (another) new era begins. With a little over a month left this season, pay close attention for a shift in rotations that puts more emphasis on our youth (RJ, Mitch, Ntilikina and maybe even…Trier? *gasp*) over the likes of Randle, Portis and Payton. The rumor is Scott Perry has had a heavy say on who got playing time and I’m sure that extended to who plays were run for.

All in all, a fresh start is sorely needed and I’m hopeful we’ll end the year strong with Mitch’s continued growth and no more freezing out of RJ in the offense.


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