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[Video] This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Knicks 100, Cavs 106

We had the perfect stage set. The Atlanta Hawks had choked and lost a game to the Raptors the preceding Sunday afternoon. The Cavaliers were coming into the Garden without their best player, Kyrie Irving. And what do the Knicks do? Play an excellent first half of basketball and then revert to the wretched defense… Read More ›

[Video] Deadly Range – Melo Sets All-Star Game 3pt-Record

We might need to re-tally that MVP voting…

[Video] Knicks Destroy Cavs 117-86

Melo, Hardaway Jr. and JR Smith lead Knicks blowout over Cavs…

[Video] Kyrie Irving Goes for 37, Knicks Lose 109-94

How were the Knicks going to respond to that disgraceful 40-point thrashing at home to the Boston Celtics?

With another double-digit loss, of course…

Knicks Sweep Cavs Season Series, Move Within One Game of #2 Seed Lock

Melo and JR combine for 62 points…

Rest Easy, Melo — Knicks Come from 22 Down to Stun Cavs

Melo goes down with right knee injury and Knicks regroup from 22 down…

NY Spoils Kyrie Irving’s Career Night With 103-102 Win

Kyrie Irving lights up the Garden, but the Knicks remains undefeated at home.