Welcome Home: Phil Jackson Joins Knicks as Team President

Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

The Zen Master has come home. Over 40 years after winning two titles as a player with the Knicks, and then subsequently keeping his old squad from a title during the Jordan years, Phil Jackson has agreed to a deal that will bring him in as New York’s President of Basketball Operations.

The deal had been in its final stages since last weekend, with the two allegedly ironing out final details such as salary and even a minority stake in the team. According to the New York Post, Jackson is set to make at least $15 million per year in his new role. Despite living in Marina Del Ray, California, the 68-year old former coach is expected to relocate to New York during the season.

The role will be Jackson’s first front office role after previously winning 11 titles as coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

At press time, an official press conference introducing Jackson to the team has not been announced.


If you have a bad word to say about this move, you either hate the Knicks, Jackson or just don’t like basketball. The Knicks are in dire need of direction and focus, and Jackson can assist greatly in that capacity. Throughout his career, he’s specialized in getting the maximum effort out of all the talent that’s surrounded him, and you know he’s sees this as his biggest challenge.

The big question mark most fans have as if president James Dolan will let Jackson do his job without micromanaging and meddling. Jackson is a strong personality who has no patience for office politics, as we saw during his time with the Lakers.  How he works around some of these horrible contracts and recruits will make the Knicks a very interesting club to watch over the next two seasons.

This news also takes away a lot of the drama surrounding Melo’s off-season decision. Sure, Melo said the news “won’t affect” his free agency, but let’s be real — no way will Melo pass up working with a legend like Jackson to put a championship team around him.

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