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Iman Shumpert – “Dear Kendrick”

Since everyone is treating Kendrick Lamar like Roxanne Shante with the answer records, the Knicks’ very own Iman Shumpert has his say on this new track entitled “Dear Kendrick.”

Freeway ft. Tek, Rasheed Wallace and Iman Shumpert – “Hol Fam”

Iman Shumpert isn’t the only member of the squad that has bars…

[Mixtape] Iman Shumpert – “Th3 #Post90s”

Shump has did his homework — the tape has its assorted tributes to the 90s (and even 80s) on tracks sampling Arrested Development to Run DMC.

Iman Shumpert ft. Chrisette Michele – “Supaphly”

Iman Shumpert drops a new track with Chrisette Michele.