[Video] Sweet Revenge: Knicks Pummel Celtics 114-88


It’s always a great evening when the Celtics get smashed. The worst defeat the Knicks suffered this season was an embarrassing 41-point defeat to Boston at home, so it was highly appropriate that New York returned the favor with this rout. 


MELO SETS THE TONE: The Knicks came out the gate with Carmelo Anthony dropping 2 assists via backdoor cuts from Iman Shumpert. The team quickly followed the ball movement lead to a 12-0 run that had New York up 18-5. JR Smith added two triples and when the first quarter ended, the Knicks had 9 assists on 62% shooting for a 31-15 cushion. The sparks for this great start were Melo (11 points, 2 assists, 2 steals), Tyson Chandler (5 rebounds) and Kenyon Martin (4 points, 1 block).

BENCH FIREPOWER: There was no dropoff when the second unit came in to start the second quarter. In fact, the Knicks bench blew the game open. Lead by Jeremy Tyler delivering his best game of the season (17 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks), New York had 63 points from the reserves, allowing Melo and company to get extended rest in the second and all of the fourth quarter. JR chipped in 17, and Tim Hardaway Jr. added his dribble penetration and deadly 3-point shooting for 16 points.

CHANDLER ON THE RISE: It was a struggle his first few games back, but Chandler is starting to get back into a groove on offense and defense (12 points, 13 rebounds). He was the recipient of several nasty alley-oops, and when Tyson gets those touches his defensive intensity picks up. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/kCaS0tuk9vU]

AUDITION FOR RONDO?: In the off-season, stories began circulating that Melo was pushing for the Knicks to sign Rondo. A few months back, Rondo’s high school coach said Melo was actively trying to recruit him. Rondo is just six games back into his comeback from ACL surgery, so he doesn’t have his legs and looked pretty bad out there (7 points, 5 assists, 4 turnovers). 

However, if Rondo can get back to his old form, he’d be a huge asset for Melo’s game. All ACL injuries aren’t created the same, so I’m sure the Knicks will be monitoring his progress closely to see if he bounces back like Shumpert, or slides  further like we’ve seen with Derrick Rose. I’m banking on the former happening.

THREE AND NO REASON TO STOP: The Knicks are on a three game winning streak and have the Cleveland Cavaliers next on Thursday (January 30). The Cavs are struggling having lost four of their last five, so the Knicks should keep this streak going.

SOUR NOTES: Shumpert left the game early with a right shoulder strain, a re-aggravation of an injury he suffered in the pre-season. K-Mart was also forced to sit after re-aggravating his left ankle sprain. Metta World Peace returned, so we’ll just have to pray he can step up with spot minutes if K-Mart misses any extended time.



[Photo] JR Is Not Pleased — Knicks Waive Chris Smith


The Knicks have announced the waiver of guard Chris Smith, prompting older brother JR Smith to subliminally label the move a “betrayal” on social media.

Chris Smith has played just two minutes since being called up to the main roster after injuries to guards Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni.

Smith isn’t getting waived empty-handed, though. The Daily News reports that Smith’s contract contained a clause allowing his salary to be guaranteed, meaning Chris will pocket his entire $490, 180 wage for making it to the end of 2013.

That isn’t good for JR, who posted a meme of Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone from Casino to drive home his displeasure.


Chris’s signing had long been viewed as a picture perfect example of nepotism and a package deal with big brother JR’s two-year contract that was signed this past off-season. JR is being paid $5.6 million this season.

I won’t get on JR too hard considering this is his brother and we know he’s prone to reacting before thinking things through. And knowing the Knicks, they probably sold him on an obvious lie that Chris would never be considered for the chopping block. However, JR has been in the league long enough to realize that no one man is above the team. With the Knicks in absolute dire straits and being overstuffed with guards, Chris was the clear odd man out to make room for someone like Jeremy Tyler, whom New York is praying can be a youthful spark in terms of rebounding and interior defense.

A moment of silence for the end of the Chris Smith era. And, let’s acknowledge the meme chose to close out his evening.


Tyson Chandler Out 4-6 Weeks with Fibula Fracture


Tyson Chandler is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after an examination today discovered a fracture to his right fibula.

The injury occurred last night in the first quarter against the Bobcats. Guard Kemba Walker landed awkwardly on Chandler’s right leg, causing the knee to buckle. Chandler had to be helped to the dressing room and needed crutches to leave the arena.

The fracture is considered “minor” with no ligament damage, meaning the veteran center will not require surgery during the healing process.

Over four games, Chandler averaged 7 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal and 2.5 blocks.


I hope the Knicks can expedite their plans to reacquire rights to Jeremy Tyler, because this team has a daunting month and a half ahead with Chandler sitting. Bargnani at center will not work. Stoudemire? NO. Time to dust off Kenyon Martin’s minute restriction, hope Cole Aldrich can withstand a trial by fire, and pray we can at least keep up in the top half of the standings through December.

Knicks Waive Five Players, Retain Chris Smith


With the regular season starting next week, the Knicks cleaned house yesterday with the waiving of five players: Ike Diogu, C.J. Leslie, Josh Powell, Jeremy Tyler, and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

The surprise among the cut players are Diogu and Tyler. The former played well in his limited minutes (7.2 points, 4 rebounds in 16. 2minutes) and provided a solid inside presence with his 6’8, 255 pound frame. The 6’10 Tyler, who was signed to a 2-year deal in August after a strong showing in the summer league, was unable to play this pre-season after suffering a right foot stress fracture in early September that’s sidelined him until late November.

With the Knicks’ constant rebounding issues, the team announced that they will “keep an eye” on Tyler once he’s healthy should he not sign elsewhere.

The waivers mean that Chris Smith, brother of JR Smith, has made the team despite registering playing time in just three games and averaging 1 point (14% shooting) and 1 rebound.


I hope the Knicks have a plan because this looks bad on paper. Yes, we kept the 7-footer Cole Aldrich (who frankly was inconsistent this pre-season but has upside…), but the Diogu and Tyler cuts are baffling based on their play. I don’t have much hope Tyler will be available to resign during the season — serviceable and young big men are lacking and any team with sense will pick him up. Unless NY has an under the table deal in place, he’s possibly gone for good. And while Diogu wasn’t in the best shape, he gave a great effort in the post and was the only player outside of Melo that’s shown he could finish around the rim consistently.

As for JR’s brother, we know nepotism is the only reason he’s on the roster. I’ll hold my outrage if he’s cut and sent to the D-League. If he remains on the bench, it shows the organization has no vested interest in putting together a winning team. Roster spots, especially with our needs, are important and should be treated as such.

We’ll see how this plays out in the coming weeks. For now, there’s reason for concern.

Jeremy Tyler Out 8-10 Weeks With Foot Stress Fracture


Backup foward/center Jeremy Tyler will sit out the next 8-10 weeks after undergoing stress fracture surgery on his right foot, the Knicks announced yesterday.

The 6’10, 22-year-old Tyler was signed to a two-year deal last month after a strong showing in the team’s summer league, averaging 12.8 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

The latest Tyler is expected to return is late November.


Let’s get all the long-term injuries out of the way now, because I don’t want to be hearing stories like this all season long like last year. On the surface, this looks bad to see another guy hurting, especially with what happened with JR Smith’s injury.

This makes it all the more important that we try to get a decent big (for the little money left, if possible), for our last roster spot. I doubt the Knicks panic and cut Tyler, so we can expect him back just in time to make sure too much wear and tear doesn’t fall on Amar’e and Tyson.

Knicks Sign Jeremy Tyler to Reported 2-Year Deal


The Knicks have added much-needed relief to their forecourt depth with the announcement yesterday of signing 6’10 Jeremy Tyler to a reported two-year deal.

The 22-year-old Tyler was the 39th pick in the 2011 draft. Selected by Golden State and later playing for the Hawks, he averaged 3.6 points and 2.5 rebounds over 63 games.

Over the summer league, Tyler showed marked improvement in his rebounding and interior offense, being a surprise standout averaging 12.8 points and 6.4 rebounds over 17 minutes per game.

Tyler is expected to provide backup minutes for Tyson Chandler and also at his natural power forward position.


This is an excellent signing. Tyson Chandler is not had a legit backup at the center position since he’s been a Knick. Yes, Tyler is billed as a power forward, but at 6’10, 260 pounds, he can definitely be a solid contributor at center in today’s league. Tyler has shown he can be aggressive, has no signs of being injury-prone, and most importantly, is young. He’s certainly a project, but his game and mentality will benefit greatly by being surrounded with veterans like Kenyon Martin, Chandler and Metta World Peace (yes, I included Metta’s crazy ass…).

View the clip below and get familiar with our latest signing.