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[Video] Inspired Knicks Can’t Close Show Against Clippers

Knicks play hard but fail to get the win.

[Video] Knicks Losing Streak Extends to Nine with Defeat to Clippers

“Tonight wasn’t so bad, but I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring.” – Melo

Knicks Sign Kenyon Martin to 10-Day Contract

The Knicks’ long-standing interest in Kenyon Martin has come to the fruition today with the two sides agreeing to a 10-day contract.

[Video] A Bench Massarce: Clippers’ Second Unit Runs the Knicks Out of MSG

It was not a pleasant Sunday for the Knicks yesterday as a fourth quarter hammering (outscored 31-18) at the hands of the talented Los Angeles Clippers resulted in a bad 102-88 loss at home…