[Video] Carmelo Anthony Pokes Fun at Trolls and Critics in New Foot Locker Commercial


Since coming to New York, the scrutiny on Carmelo Anthony has been high. And with New York not making the playoffs the last several years, some have come to view the perennial all-star as “overrated” and not even a Top 20 player in the league.

Foot Locker brilliantly captured that sentiment while giving Melo the chance to poke back with their “Week of Greatness” commercial series. Two fans attempt to belittle Melo’s accomplished career, but he quiets them with one simple question.

Fun aside, this is a make or break seventh year for Melo in New York. With future franchise player Kristaps Porzingis in his second year and the acquisition of Derrick Rose, a losing record and missing the playoffs for a fourth consecutive year will have fans and media alike calling for Melo’s head. The tepid 5-7 Knicks record and Anthony’s own recent haphazard play (21 points on 42% shooting, 28% from three), have not helped matters.

Nonetheless, we’re not even a full month into the season. Carmelo Anthony has more than enough time to make his real-life detractors eat their words just like this commercial.

[Video] Melo’s New Kids Foot Locker Commercial


Foot Locker’s new Carmelo Anthony commercial shows just how much the KnicksĀ star loves the game. Turns out that Melo’s competitive drive doesn’t simmer down even with playing a bunch of 8 year olds. GivesĀ a whole new meaning to his brand of “bully ball.”