Knicks End 2014 in Historically Bad Fashion


When the 2014-2015 season ends, the month of December will be remembered by Knicks fans as when we realized this team was hopeless. You think I’m exaggerating? Let’s review some of the frightening stats of NY futility.

– For December, the Knicks lost 15 games, setting a new franchise record for the most losses in one month.

– Third worst in defensive efficiency, eclipsed only by the Timberwolves and Lakers.

– Fourth worst in rebounding efficiency (second worst in defensive rebounding).

– Second worst in pace (the number of possessions per 48 minutes)

The team is currently on a nine game losing streak and holds a 5-29 record (second worst in the NBA). At one point, the Knicks lost 19 of 20 games.

Make sure you start watching college games, because there’s no way this team doesn’t end up with a Top 3 pick.