Derrick Williams Robbed of $750K By 2 Female Guests


Derrick Williams took two women home last night and woke up $750,000 lighter in the jewelry department.

Williams told police that his Tribeca apartment was robbed by two women he took home early Saturday following the Knicks’ victory of the Sixers. According to Williams’ documented account, the unidentified women found a Louis Vuitton bag that contained the expenstive jewelry. They did not stay the night and left before dawn with Williams’ other friends. The Knicks forward discovered ttthe theft Satruday afternoon at 4 p.m. Williams refused to elaborate further when asked about the incident before last night’s home victory over the Chicago Bulls.

Police believe the crime may be the latest in a string of robberies where young women target wealthy men at clubs. Williams met the pair at the Up & Down club, and it’s likely the suspects used falsed names. According to the NY Post, a man was robbed of a Swiss timepiece worth $590,000 by two women he met at a midtown strip club earlier this month.

Williams is in the first year of two-year, $8.8 million dollar contract he signed with New York over the summer.


D-Will is going to have to charge this one to the game. It’s straight foolishness to have strangers up in your house like that. He’s rich and entitled to spend his free time as he sees fit. But if you’re up for a night of debauchery, take it to an reputable hotel suite. Hope he had insurance on those pieces…

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