NBA Suspends Carmelo Anthony One Game For Garnett Confrontation


The NBA has announced Carmelo Anthony will serve a one game suspension for attempting to confront Kevin Garnett Monday night following the Knicks’s 102-96 loss to the Celtics.

Although Anthony has since disclosed their issues were resolved via a phone call, the footage of Anthony waiting outside the Celtics tour bus and having to be restrained by police made national headlines.

Anthony will serve his one game suspension this coming Thursday when the Knicks face the Indiana Pacers.

The loss of Anthony comes as the Knicks are struggling through a difficult stretch going back to the last week of December. The team has only won two of its last five games.


This is a league that’s all about appearances so I’m not surprised. As soon as the footage of Melo looking like a goon waiting for KG got picked up by outlets like TMZ, and was plastered as a main headline on Yahoo!, it was only a matter of time before an unnecessary suspension was handed down. Funny enough, Zack Randolph earlier this year attempted to confront Kendrick Perkins after a game. But because there was no footage nor extensive coverage, Randolph only received a fine.

Here’s one case where playing in a big market and having star power can work against you.

Not much funny about this situation for Knicks fans, but the below pic at least got a smirk out of me.


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