[Video] Derek Fisher on Knicks’ Current Rsoter – “We can be very good to great.”


With his first press conference in the books, Knicks head coach Derek Fisher has started making his media rounds. In this short but informative video, he confirms that the triangle offense will be the his first option, but he’ll be flexible enough to modify or discard it if that doesn’t fit the team.

While most fans and observers are looking to see what the Knicks do in 2015 with sufficient cap room, Fisher has faith in the current roster being a force next season. Do you share his optimism?

[youtube http://youtu.be/fxyu_7vPgKo]

[Video] Walt “Clyde” Frazier Interviews Knicks President Phil Jackson


Right after the big press conference yesterday, new titled Knicks president Phil Jackson sat down with friend and old teammate Walt “Clyde” Frazier to discuss his new position and the future of the franchise. Jackson spoke about the need to revamp the roster (“the players have to have a certain sense about themselves…”) and the importance of going back to the fundamentals of basketball (read: DEFENSE). Jackson specifically pointed out the problem with our perimeter players being blown by and relying solely on Tyson Chandler for rim protection.

What I already like about Jackson’s approach is the sense of calm and logic he’s bringing to his role. Lord knows the Knicks have been a chaotic, roller-coaster bunch. It’s readily apparent that Jackson already knows what he wants to do with this squad.

[Video] Tyson Chandler On Developing a Jumpshot, Adding Weight and Melo SF/PF Debate


Tyson Chandler is coming into this season with a lot to prove. For starters, Chandler has been working extensively on developing a reliable medium-range jumper and hookshot (dont’ laugh). In addition, Chandler speaks on his off-season regimen to get stronger (and hopefully prevent injuries), and possibly letting out the Knicks game plan on which position Melo will be playing most this season.