The Inevitable Comes: Knicks Fire David Fizdale


On the heels of two embarrassing back to back blowouts, the Knicks have fired head coach David Fizdale.

The move comes with the Knicks in the midst of an eight-game losing streak. The team lost last night’s game to the Nuggets 129-92 at home. Previously, they trailed by over 40 points before losing to the Bucks 132-88.

The Knicks currently have the worst record in the Eastern conference at 4-18.

Fizdale was in the second year of four year contract estimated to be worth $22 million. Assistant coach Keith Smart was also relieved of coaching duties.

At press time, the interim coach has not been announced.


The writing was on the wall last month when Steve Mills and Scott Perry held that surreal post-game press conference following the Cavs blowout. The team has clearly checked out but most damning has been Fizdale’s handling of our young talent, who seem to have all regressed to differing levels.

Be that as it may, Fizdale wasn’t the man who put this haphazard roster together. I’m sure Mills and Perry will attempt to right some wrongs once trades can begin on December 15, but I’ve seen enough. Once this season ends, our GM and president need to follow Fizdale out the organization.

From there, throw a boatload of money and guaranteed complete control at savvy basketball minds (starting with Toronto’s Masai Ujuri) who have their finger on the pulse of what’s needed to excel in the modern NBA.