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[Live Updates] Derrick Rose No-Shows Pelicans Game Over Family Emergency


Derrick Rose is missing. As incredulous as that sounds, the former MVP has not been heard from since the Knicks hosted the Pelicans tonight at Madison Square Garden. Officials reportedly could not reach him before the game nor during the duration of the contest.

Of course, the jokes have been flying on social media about this. For me, I’m very worried. No matter how upset he might be at being benched the last two games, I can’t envision Rose being so unprofessional as to not show up for work. He’s in a contract year and a move like that effectively sinks his brand. So the only other alternative is something serious going on. I’m hoping it’s a confidential family matter that only a few high-level Knicks officials know about.

More on this as the story develops…

UPDATE #1 – Coach Hornacek has no answers post-game, but at least it sounds like he’s alive.

UPDATE #2 – Rose quit on the team?

UPDATE #3 – Joakim Noah made contact with Rose after the game.

UPDATE #4 – Rose informed the Knicks he had a family situation.


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