Derrick Rose Cleared in Civil Rape Case


An eight member Los Angeles jury has ruled that Knicks point guard Derrick Rose and two friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, are not liable in a civil case alleging a 2013 gang rape of Rose’s ex-girlfriend.

The jury deliberated Wednesday morning. The accuser, whose identity has been kept confidential, filed the suit last summer. She alleged that Rose and his two friends gang-raped her after she passed out from drugs and alcohol in her Los Angeles home. She sought $21 million in damages.

Rose has maintained his innocence, calling the sexual encounters the three men had with the woman as consensual. The week-long trial turned contentious the last few days with Rose’s attorneys calling for a mistrial over allegations the accuser’s legal team withheld relevant texts the accuser sent to Rose on the night of the incident.

On Tuesday, the Rose’s defense team characterized the accuser as a woman driven by revenge and money. The accuser’s team countered by calling their client a “classic” victim of gang rape.

Rose has missed three pre-season games due to the trial, including tonight’s contest in Boston against the Celtics. He is scheduled to rejoin the team by Friday.

At press time, the Los Angeles police department is still conducting a criminal investigation .

This was pretty much a foregone conclusion for anyone that’s followed the trial. The accuser’s credibility was picked apart over the discovered text messages to Rose, and the testimony of her old roommate that claimed the accuser was out for money.

I would stop short of calling this a “win” since D-Rose’s sexual escapades are now public record. But it’s a damn sure a relief for Knicks fans hoping to have a fully healthy and focused squad to start the season.

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