Cleaning House – Knicks Fire Mike Woodson and Staff


Following their most disappointing season in recent memory, the Knicks have announced the firing of head coach Mike Woodson and the entire coaching staff on Monday.

Just one season removed from a 54-28 record and achieving the Knicks’ first Atlantic Division title since the 1993-1994 season, Woodson finds himself unemployed after a season where the group started 3-13, suffered prolonged injuries, and failed to gel as a team. The club missed the playoffs and finished with a 37-45 record.

In an official statement, Knicks president Phil Jackson did not place sole blame on Woodson, but stressed the need for the team to have a fresh start next year.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike Woodson and his entire staff,” said Jackson. “The coaches and players on this team had an extremely difficult 2013-14 season, and blame should not be put on one individual. But the time has come for change throughout the franchise as we start the journey to assess and build this team for next season and beyond.”

The other staff members relieved of their duties include Herb Williams, Jim Todd, Darrell Walker, LaSalle Thompson and Dave Hopla.

Woodson’s record over 2.5 seasons with the Knicks is 109-79. At press time, Woodson has declined to comment on his release.

Per the New York Post, possible coaching candidates include Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher.


It had to be done. As much as I personally liked Woodson, the team’s play this year, on offense and defense, has been inexcusable. We were horrible in fourth quarter execution, ran Melo into the ground every game with too many minutes, and had the worst perimeter defense iamginable (switch! switch! switch!). To go from second in the East to ninth is an indictment on Woodson’s ability too large for Jackson to overlook.

Far as the new coaching candidates, I’m ambivalent at the moment. While the idea of a rookie coach is a little disconcerting, I’d trust Phil gambling there over just hiring retreads from around the league. Above all, at least we can say we’re starting with a clean slate. Your move now, Melo.

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